Impact of game format and age group on technical performance in youth football A comprehensive analysis

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Ângelo Brito
Luís Freitas


This study aimed to analyse technical action variations among 5, 7, 9, and 11-a-side game formats and investigate the effects of age groups (U8, U10, U12, and U14) on these actions. A total of 197 soccer players aged between 6.94 ± 0.7 and 13.46 ± 0.5 years participated, with three matches conducted weekly, totalling 48 matches. Two-way ANOVA was employed to analyse age group and game format as independent factors. The study revealed the influence of age group on players' technical actions variability: front pass success p < .001; side pass success p < .001; back pass success p < .001; short pass success p < .001; reception success p < .001; goal p < .002; unsuccessful short pass p < .001; unsuccessful long pass p < .001; ball contacts p < .001. Additionally, the study highlighted the impact of game format on success rates: front pass success p < .001; side pass success p < .001; back pass success p < .001; short pass success p < .001; reception success p < .001; goal p < .036; shot on target p < .001; ball contacts p < .001; interception p < .001. These findings enhance understanding of how game format and age group affect technical performance in youth soccer, emphasizing the need for interventions that optimize players’ development trajectories.


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Brito, Ângelo, & Freitas, L. (2024). Impact of game format and age group on technical performance in youth football: A comprehensive analysis. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 19(3), 901-914.
Performance Analysis of Sport
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Ângelo Brito, University of Lisbon

Faculty of Human Motricity.

Luís Freitas, University of Lisbon

Faculty of Human Motricity.

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Brito, Ângelo, & Freitas, L. (2024). Impact of game format and age group on technical performance in youth football: A comprehensive analysis. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 19(3), 901-914.


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