Published: 01.07.2024

Habits of healthy living in adults former athletes of federated competition in the modality of volleyball in the province of Jaen

Juan Torres-Guerrero, Rafael Francisco Caracuel-Cáliz, Diego Collado-Fernández, Beatriz Torres-Campos, Juan Párraga-Montilla, Mar Cepero-González (Author)


Comparing the maximal horizontal deceleration demands between a novel acceleration to deceleration assessment and the 505 change of direction test

Nicolas M. Philipp, Angeleau A. Scott, Benjamin R. Caldwell, Dimitrije Cabarkapa, Quincy R. Johnson, Andrew C. Fry (Author)


Examining social support and self-esteem in high-performance sportswomen in Spain

Iago Portela-Pino, Millán Brea-Castro, Myriam Alvariñas-Villaverde (Author)


Effect of three months high-intensity anaerobic treadmill-based exercise on intuitive decision-making capability

A prospective cohort study

Asbah Faisal, Mabel Waqar, Tatheer Fatima, Meha Fatima Aftab, Muhammad Athar Khan (Author)


Technological advances in artistic gymnastics and the impact on its development

Marco Antonio Coelho Bortoleto, Ludwig Schweizer (Author)


Identifying the technical and tactical characteristics of Olympic medallists in karate

Reza Seyedi, Montassar Tabben, Dusana Augustovicova, Peter Laird, Dacho Zhang, Ren Xiao Feng (Author)


Ecological dynamics approach in physical education to promote cognitive skills development

A review

Silvia Coppola, Cristiana D'Anna, Valeria Minghelli, Rodolfo Vastola (Author)