Effects of different types of warm-ups on performance by young volleyball players

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Jaroslav Popelka
Gabriel Bujdos
Pavol Pivovarniček


The study aimed to compare the impact of warm-up with dynamic stretching (DS), warm-up with foam roller (FR), and warm-up with a combination of FR and DS (CO) on the performance of movement indicators in tests conducted on young volleyball players (n = 8, age = 15.4 ± 0.5 years, height = 176.3 ± 8.6 cm, weight = 64.5 ± 10.9 kg) during the competition year 2021/2022. To assess the effects of warm-up methods (DS, FR, CO), performance in various movement tests was compared. The tests included the sit and reach test (SR), a 1 kg ball throw in a kneeling position (H1), squat jump (SJ), countermovement jump (CMJ), sit-up test (SU), E-Test (ET), and run to cones (RC). The One-way ANOVA analysis did not reveal significant differences in the effects of DS, FR, and CO warm-ups (p > .05) across all investigated indicators. The effect size coefficient (η2) indicated negligible differences (η2 < 0.01), except for the ET indicator, where a small effect size (η2 = 0.028, 95%CI: 0.04-0.31) favoured DS. These findings carry social importance as they contribute to enhancing the efficacy of warm-up routines, both in sports performance and health considerations.


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Popelka, J., Bujdos, G., & Pivovarniček, P. (2024). Effects of different types of warm-ups on performance by young volleyball players. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 19(3), 757-766. https://doi.org/10.55860/pv7whd26
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Jaroslav Popelka, Matej Bel University

Faculty of Sports Science and Health.

Gabriel Bujdos, Matej Bel University

Faculty of Sports Science and Health.

Pavol Pivovarniček, Matej Bel University

Faculty of Sports Science and Health.

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Popelka, J., Bujdos, G., & Pivovarniček, P. (2024). Effects of different types of warm-ups on performance by young volleyball players. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 19(3), 757-766. https://doi.org/10.55860/pv7whd26


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