Comparing and analyzing elite soft tennis players Match workload, technique, and action area in high-level competitive games

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Nathapol Thongthanapat
Watunyou Khamros


Analysing data from high-level matches soft tennis from elite players is something that coaches and athletes can use to improve their training and competition. The study aimed to compare the match workload action areas and analyse techniques between male and female soft tennis players in high-level competitions from soft tennis in 10 final matches. Data analysis of match workload, techniques, and action areas occur in matches performed using the Dartfish software. The data is analysed statistically, compared between males and females for match workload, and presented as percentages for each technique and action area. The results of the analysis showed that Rally time shots, Rally total time Work Density, and Percentage rally during the match of male players were significantly higher than those of female players, p ≤ .05. The Flat technique was used more at the competition (Male; Forehand 38.77% Backhand 39.19% and Female player, Forehand and Backhand are equal at 36.91%) with the correlation between both techniques being r = .0974. Slice and Lob techniques 3.00-10.08%, and Volley and Smash techniques used the least during matches. The playing area of all players will be at the Mid left, up to 31.99-41.10%. Fore right is the area with the least play, 1.97-3.21%. Data from the study shows that male players have a higher match workload than women. However, there are no differences in the use of techniques in the competition, including the playing action area. This result will help coaches and players practice and develop their abilities at a higher level.


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Thongthanapat, N., & Khamros, W. (2024). Comparing and analyzing elite soft tennis players: Match workload, technique, and action area in high-level competitive games. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 19(3), 748-756.
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Nathapol Thongthanapat, Thailand National Spots University Yala Campus

Faculty of Sports and Health Science.

Watunyou Khamros, Srinakharinwirot University

Department of Sports Science, Faculty of Physical Education, Sport and Health.

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Thongthanapat, N., & Khamros, W. (2024). Comparing and analyzing elite soft tennis players: Match workload, technique, and action area in high-level competitive games. Journal of Human Sport and Exercise , 19(3), 748-756.


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